Suanne Kimmel, Licensed Esthetician

Transform Your Skin

With 25+ years in the skincare profession, Suanne offers virtual and in-person consults to help you create a homecare plan with results!

About Suanne, LE

Suanne Kimmel has cultivated a prestigious career as an esteemed Licensed Esthetician, passionately serving the skincare industry since 1990 with unwavering dedication and a detail-oriented approach. Founder of Eco Skin Pro, located in the sunny ambiance of Daytona Beach, FL, Suanne’s journey in skincare began with her profound interest in facial rejuvenation that led her from massage therapy to specializing in advanced esthetic treatments.
Over the years, her expertise has only deepened through continuous education at renowned institutions such as Atelier Esthetique Institute and the International Dermal Institute, accompanied by her participation in over forty continuing education seminars. Suanne’s extensive background in massage and lymphatic drainage has significantly enhanced the effectiveness and relaxation provided by her facials, setting her apart in the field. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of skincare advancements has seen her incorporate innovative treatments like Nano-needling, LED light therapy, Tama, and Neurotris Microcurrent, alongside traditional facials, providing her clients with a comprehensive range of services tailored to treat various skin conditions without invasive procedures.
Today, Eco Skin Pro transitions into a new era under Suanne Kimmel’s discerning vision, focusing primarily on In-Person and Virtual Consultations alongside the curated online sale of Corium Corrective 360 products. This strategic shift is driven by Suanne’s desire to extend her personalized, corrective skincare coaching to a broader audience, ensuring clients can access professional guidance and high-grade skincare solutions regardless of their geographical location.
Her motto, “Dramatic results with a progressive, rather than aggressive approach,” remains at the core of Eco Skin Pro’s philosophy, underscoring her belief in customizing treatment plans that respect the skin’s integrity while effectively addressing individual concerns. Through virtual consultations, Suanne empowers her clients with the knowledge and tools necessary for maintaining optimal skin health, curating home care plans that produce tangible results. Whether one is seeking rejuvenation, battling acne, or looking to enhance their skin’s overall texture and tone, Suanne Kimmel’s vast experience and personalized approach offer a sanctuary for those navigating the complexities of skincare, promising a journey to radiant, healthy skin supported by expert care and top-tier products.

Why exclusively work with Corium Corrective 360 & Laskin Medical Systems?

Because they work!  And they work quickly! 

Healthy, smooth, clear, even-toned skin can be a reality. Corium Corrective 360 successfully rejuvenates all skin types, tones, and ethnicities, including sensitive and ultra-sensitive skin. Acne and Rosacea, sun damage, pigmentation, dehydration, inflammation and redness, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, and age-related skin changes can be corrected, revealing healthy, glowing skin.

I continuously further my education and knowledge to offer the best results-oriented treatments, products, and equipment at Eco Skin Pro. The Corrective 360 and Laskin Medical Skin Systems formulators and chemists have impressed me with their integrity and high-quality products. 

During my 28 years of specializing in professional skincare, I have used many other skincare lines. Corium Corrective 360 and Laskin Medical Skin Systems are the only corrective product lines that consistently deliver the results my clients expect and deserve. 

Knowing what I know now, it would be unethical for me to use or recommend anything else. There are no other skin care products I will ever use on myself or prescribe to others. My skin and my client’s skin have been transformed! Let me be your Skin Coach!